Today’s Anthem


Sometimes, you want a song that knows exactly how you feel. Sometimes, you want a song to tell you how to feel. This app does just that!

What it does

Today’s Anthem is a music recommendation app which chooses a theme song for their day. It’s a simple, easy to use single-page web application that surveys the user’s genre preference, mood, and energy level. The responses compare with Spotify’s music database and searches for the perfect song, and plays it! If the user isn’t content with their match, they can request another one!

How we built it

With the user input and Spotify’s API, we utilized the following Tuneable Track attributes: valence, energy, and genre. Valence describes musical positiveness; the higher the valence, the happier the song! Energy describes how fast, loud, and noisy a track is; so, you won’t be seeing any Lo-Fi Hip Hop in there if you maxed out the energy bar! The generator picks 10 songs, so the user is allowed to “re-roll” their selection if they aren’t satisfied.

For the front end, we used Bootstrap and jQuery; for the back end, we used Flask and Jinja.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

This was a really awesome and unique experience for all four of us!

What’s next for Today’s Anthem

Tomorrow’s Anthem builds more music recommendations off of more pin points. There are so many Tuneable Track attributes that we didn’t utilize, and there are so many other ways we can track them! This will make our song generation more accurate and catered to the user. We also want to implement a feature that reads the computer’s calendar date and, if it is April 1st, the assets turn derpy.

Frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery, Flask

Contributors: Hazel, Josh, Mina, Mitchell